Suzy Baker

Studio 450 | SuzyBakerDesign.com

Suzy Baker is a Vancouver born artist whose passion for art-making began early.  It evolved through textile design, an award winning career in architecture and a ten year atelier in Istanbul.  In Turkey Suzy started making mash-up textile creations that she sold at her Atelier Istanbul on Granville Island.  In 2013 she moved her well traveled mixed-media entourage to her studio on the 4th floor of 1000 Parker.  Here you find her wearable art as well as her continuation of fine crafted fine art work, albeit at a smaller scale than her murals such as at Heritage Hall and for the BC and German Pavilions at Expo 86.  

For the 2017 Parker Art Salon, the featured botanical works were executed on trips to Mexico, her small ink drawings are from Ireland.