Sandra Kadel

Sandra Kadel

May 24-26th at the ParkerArtSalon,
Sandra Kadel will be giving guided tours
of selected artists studios on
Saturday and Sunday May 24-26, 2019.

 Each walking tour is one hour, they happen twice a day,
at 2pm and 4pm Saturday and Sunday.


Enjoy a sampling of Parker Street Studios
as you go behind the scenes, learn about each artist's work and hear their stories.

Book online today, spots are limited.
By donation 8$ suggested

Meet the Artists

TOUR A       Saturday May 25th @ 2 PM

Gillian Richards 455
Urban spaces painterly and dynamic in gesture.

Lynn Falconer 350
Evocative, occasionally cheeky figurative sculpture and drawings. 

Lori Popadiuk 224
Ethereal moody imagery that plays into your imagination
suggesting wings, landscapes, fabric or feathers. 

Miriam Aroeste 221
Sensual contemporary abstractions.

Karen Lorena Parker 215
Abstract Florals, Landscapes and PulpFiction Vignettes


TOUR B       Saturday May 26th @ 4 PM

Gordon Hughes 455
The uncertain moments between form and space.

Louise Solecki Weir 410
Classically inspired, exquisite contemporary sculpture.

Deborah Bakos 202
Gestural and geometric abstractions with a hint of magical realism. 

Desirée Patterson 224
Inspiring preservation through contemporary photography.

Tannis Hopkins 108
Art that tickles the senses and piques curiosity.

TOUR C       Sunday May 26th @ 2 PM

Claire Sower 410
Vibrant, painterly florals and landscapes. 

Suzy Birstein 410
Where Nefertitti meets Carmen Miranda in Clay & Sculpture.

Robin Ripley 352
Transforming the overlooked.

Jennifer Harwood 270
Dynamic, semi-abstract, west coast landscape and florals.

Kyla Bourgh 200
Curiously surreal and abstract expressions.


TOUR D       Sunday May 27th @ 4 PM

Niina Chebry 322
Moody and mystical icebergs set afloat.

Lori Goldberg 228
Intimate still life paintings noted for their meditative qualities.

Laurel Swenson 224
Textured abstract paintings make you keep on looking.

Marney-Rose Edge 270
Light filled florals with an interplay of colour and pattern.

Cathryn Jenkins 115
Spirited stone and bronze wildlife sculptures you'll want to touch.