Shary Bartlett

Studio 435 |

Portraits of nature and humankind, Shary Bartlett’s encaustic beeswax paintings and sculptures comprise numerous layers of materials and processes which depict cumulative and multi-faceted stories.  Her work references memory, the passage of time, and the cycle of life.  These many levels of meaning fuse between the layers of her work - metaphors for the complexities of our natural world, cross-cultural human spirit and our interdependence.

Shary’s work has been exhibited and are held in public and private collections in Canada and the US.   She teaches art internationally and nationally at Capilano University, Langara College and Red Deer College. Her encaustic mixed media work and techniques are published in the books, Encaustic Art in the 21st Century and Encaustic Revelation.  Shary’s curated encaustic wax pigments sets, created with Enkaustikos Paints, are sold at Opus Art Supplies and on line.

Watch Shary’s tantalizing YouTube video on hand-altered photography and encaustic.

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