Nur Shojai

Studio 218

Nur Shojai is an artist, illustrator, and facilitator. She works primarily in oil and watercolor, and currently concentrates on figurative and portraiture work that speak to the themes of human nature and spiritual journey. Her contemporary realism style is characterized by vivid colors and an interest in light. Outside of her individual studio practice she is developing and facilitating community-engaged art projects, with extensive experience with youth and young teens.

"I am inspired by people’s stories, journeys of growth, and evolution of thought and belief over time. I am drawn to painting people that I have a personal meaningful connection with. I am particularly interested in exploring the theme of internal human experiences that are informed by thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. I believe that our inner world is our true reality and provides the lens through which we view and experience the world and how we create meaning. This implies that we have the power of choice to create our reality.”

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