Miriam Aroeste

Studio 221 |

The far-reaching creative experiences of abstract artist Miriam Aroeste floods her work with a vibrance and life that jumps from her canvas. Her curiosity and open explorations fill you with a sense of adventurous discovery, across layers of her personality as well as paint.

Bounding with energy, these lively pieces all tell their own story, and at the same time feel part of a bigger narrative. That comes from her deliberately inclusive and open style that welcomes anyone to become a part of her work and process.

Her vivacious works stand as mirrors to your emotions, and allow an emotive interaction that strikes instant connectivity between the viewer and the work. It stirs a reaction to the bold and unabashed power, transcending the manifestation of verve through colour and shape.  There lies amongst the many levels and grains an almost comforting, nurturing feeling of self-exploration, adding depth to the many coats of meaning that make up her work.

Within her lovingly expressive use of layering and storytelling, you feel a connection is cemented instantaneously. Thanks to the artist's own deep emotional resonance with each painting, they appear as an outpouring of pure soul; a link like heartstrings to mood and core that dances tantalizingly within your grasp.

Her work has absorbed so much of her remarkable early years as a traveller and young explorer. A native to Mexico City, she was surrounded by astonishing shades of life, sun, and an incredible buzz of culture. Spending her early twenties living and studying in Paris and Rome she was totally immersed in a world of intellectual creatives discussing philosophy, art and society.  Captivated by influential artists and having a true connection to the established art world, Aroeste found her calling.

As that passion grew, so did her notoriety. Boasting exhibitions and gallery representation in the US, Canada, France and Mexico.

Miriam Aroeste’s work is an incarnation of her vast familiarity with the world and it’s diverse flavor. Her work can be found in both Canadian and International collections.

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