Deborah Bakos

Studio 202 |

Deborah Bakos is an abstract/figurative painter and a public art maker based in
Vancouver. She is one of the founders of Parker Art Salon and a member of the Public Art
Collective 13 Feet Off The Ground. Deborah holds a Certificate of Fine Arts from Emily
Carr University and Bachelor of Education in English and Fine Arts from Simon Fraser

My current work with oil and cold wax is a photo-based series of paintings which resurrects
the internal world of selective memory and nostalgia. I paint on photocopies of vintage and
contemporary images. Most of the settings contain my relatives. Some are anonymous
figures from the past that I collect from vintage magazines. Altering the contexts, creating
new narratives and re-positioning these figures in future, geometric-abstract environments is
my way of reviving poignant moments obscured by time and perspective. Scratching into
layers of paint is also big part of my practise. I use this gestural mark-making along with
elaborate painted embellishments to record and comment on current gender politics and
traditional family dynamics. ~ Deborah Bakos