Miuh Yang

Studio 218

Artist Miuh Yang Until I called her name, She had been No more than a mere gesture. When I called her name, She came to me And became a flower. From “The Flower” by Chun Su Kim My work is about the practice of appreciating, meditating and painting the everyday. I enjoy flowers for their obvious beauty, fragility and splendor. They are also very expressive of our inner feelings and psychological state. For me, flowers represent both the world outside and the world inside. Flowers are not only significant in themselves, but also empty of meaning at the same time, because they are common in everyday life and because they have been too popular in art as a subject matter for centuries. I choose flowers for this paradoxical reason. Flowers are really something and they are really nothing at the same time. Flowers in my work are small, scattered and fragmented. I often arranged them in a grid with an individual background. I paint flowers on fabric and they are often hand-sewn together, creating a quilt-like surface structure that is comforting, peaceful, balanced and harmonious. I work intuitively and I work on different projects simultaneously, so that I can have more freedom, spontaneity and flexibility when creating my artworks. My flowers are colourful, sensitive, sincere, sometimes shy and sometimes playful. For me, creating art is about the practice of everyday living. Living with art is about appreciating the poetics of life. Miuh Yang is a Korean-Canadian Artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. She was graduated from Hong Ik University in Korea (BFA in Fabric Arts) in 1992. Since immigrating to Canada in 2005, she has been producing paintings and quilts that reflect both the Eastern and Western cultural influences and philosophy. Her first solo show was held at Gana Art Centre, Korea in 2004. 1992, 2 Hong Ik University Bachelor's Degree in Fabric Arts 1993, 9 Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). Diproma in Fashion Design 2004, 7. The 1st Solo Exhibition (GANA ART CENTER) 2005, 12 Winter Group Exhibition (ART BEATUS) 2006, 6 Duet Exhibition (ART BEATUS) 2007, 5 The 2nd Solo Exhibition (COVAN ART) 2005 - 2016 Annual Group Exhibition of the Korean Art Association. 2015-2016 Vancouver Art Fair Participant.