Joanne Hastie

Studio 202

Joanne Hastie is working on bringing technology to the practice of fine art painting. She is currently inspired by robotics and artificial intelligence. Early in her career she kept her painting career and her work as an R&D research engineer separate and only in the past year merged her love of technology research with art.

Her paintings created by a robotic arm achieved international recognition after placing 5th in the 2018 RobotArt Competition. She has since investigated AI algorithms including classification and GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) that are used in her series Machine Learning Abstracts and This Cityscape Does Not Exist. Within these two series she is working on the ideation and curation of the painting process. Her work has been featured on and this spring in Zurich in the Art Exhibition at the Women in Data Science conference.

With each series she creates, Joanne develops incorporates new ideas and technology into her work.