Brazen Edwards

Studio 202 | www.brazenedwards.com

Brazen Edwards is a versatile artist that attended high school at the newly developed Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts. She later enrolled in the BA Criminology Program at the University of Alberta and was given special permission to take Art Fundamentals as a component of her degree and concentrated on painting in 2000.  She then went on to pursue a career with the RCMP and relocated to BC in 2009 where she found the region to be inspiring, realizing art was her true calling.  Brazen is an active status member with the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA) and has been fortunate enough to have her artwork collected internationally.

My paintings are full of striking bold colours and luscious texture, each piece offering a discovery into my process by leaving previous layers partially exposed so the artwork itself has a narrative and history.  While the process of its creation can be glimpsed at in places – similar to the hazy recollection of memory, my work is often metaphorical and organic as I reflect on the process of observing, experiencing, interpreting and ultimately – reflecting on life.  My ability to calm the chaos is palpable just under the surface of my work.  ~ Brazen Edwards

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